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On November 5th, Rebild Productions produced a ground breaking live high definition webcast of Imogen Heap's concert at London's famous Royal Albert Hall. This sold out show was streamed live to over 500 thousand viewers around the world. Imogen performed an eighteen song set and led an orchestra playing music she composed for a film she produced called "Love the Earth". The entire concert was shot with 11 high definition cameras, mixed live and encoded live into seven different bitrate qualiities including a ground breaking live full HD stream at 1080p / 5 megabit per second. Watch the dynamic bitrate live HD streaming webcast archive of this show.

After the live show and webcast was over this footage was never shown as video on demand. Instead, a 52 minute edit of the main concert plus an interview was created by Rebild Productions to license and distribute this video to international television networks. The goal is to monetize the live webcast footage via licensing this exclusive footage to television networks around the world, territory by territory. This video will be part of our video offering sold at MIPCOM and MIPTV this year.

Imogen Heap is a Grammy Award-winning British singer and songwriter. She is known for her work as part of the musical duo Frou Frou and her solo albums, which she writes, produces, and mixes. In 2006, Heap was nominated for two Grammy Awards. She has produced three solo albums, the latest of which is 2009's Ellipse, which was a North American chart success and earned Heap two Grammy nominations. Her third studio album, Ellipse was released in August 2009. Ellipse reached the top 5 on the US Billboard Top 100 Chart. Her music has been used in various TV Shows and movies including Garden State, CSI and The OC.

About The Love The Earth Film:
The Love The Earth Film is a art concept project where people from around the world have uploaded HD video content of nature scenes that represent what people find beautiful about the planet we live on. This footage has been edited into orchestral movements and Imogen Heap has written the soundtrack for this video.

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