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In June 2012, Swiss winery Cave Fin Bec invited eight graffiti / street artists from around the world to come to Switzerland and take part in a wine meet art project called MyFinBec. Each artist was given a canvas made of 84 wine crates to paint a visual representation of one of Cave Fin Bec's wines. The finished artwork would then be used as the label for that wine. The eight artists were Mode2 from England, ESOW for Japan, REVOK1 from the United States, ASKEW1 from New Zealand, Faith47 from South Africa and TRD1, JASM and DEMES all from Switzerland. Cave Fin Bec's goal for this project was to create a unique branding experience for their winery by merging the worlds of wine and graffiti / street art. For Rebild is was a great opportuinity to produce a very stylish short documentary that would help them sell wine in new markets around the world.

Rebild Productions was brought into this project to direct, shoot and edit a 10 minute documentary in high definition video on this project as it happened and show the video two hours after the painting had finished. This project presented a challenge in shooting and editing this 24 hour event into a video that would capture this event in almost real time. Although not a live webcast, this short documentary was edited and ready just a few hours after the artist finished their work and in time for the first public viewing of the art. It is a great alternative to a live webcast to provide near instant coverage of the event for the media and the public.

After the event was finished, the 10 minute video was uploaded to YouTube to create awareness about the event and to generate sales of the cases of wine for Cave Fin Bec. The video went viral very quickly due to the promotion campaign created by Rebild Productions, and some of the top blogs picked such as BoingBoing were promoting the video. Over 300 thousand people around the world viewed the video on YouTube alone, and Cave Fin Bec sold the majority of the cases of the wine offered in the video.

Moving forward working with Cave Fin Bec, we are currently working on a follow-up video that focuses on the winery, the wines, the harvest and final stages of the MyFinBec project. This video is currently in the editing phase and should be released in January 2013. We are also looking forward to the opportunity of working with Cave Fin Bec in June 2013 for the next MyFinBec graffiti / street art and wine event.

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