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With the global prevalence of broadband Internet access, the Internet has finally become a network that can compete with international television networks in delivering video quality and audience size. Rebild Productions plans and deploys end to end solutions for live HD video webcasts. We create social media and traditional media campaigns to build the audience for the webcast. We integrate sponsors or advertising campaigns into the webcast to make the production profitable. We create live video productions from the technical planning to talent casting and B-Roll development.

Rebild specializes in creating high production value video content and then making this content available live or on demand across multiple devices (from desktop computers to iPhones and iPads). We have been creating live video productions over the Internet since 1994. Whether sports, music or fashion events, we know how to deliver eye catching video experiences over the web. We are able to understand and implement the latest technologies, and have the wisdom of knowing when not to. The content needs to have an audience built around it, and we need to build a business model that can monetize the distribution of the content at a profit so you can keep producing.

The following ideas are examples of how we think video over the web should be utilized by different industries. These packages are geared to bring value to the client, in the form of product awareness or in advertising or sales revenue. If you see something that interests you, feel free to request more information.

Having developed video content for top Paris fashion shows and produced over 30 hours of beauty programming, Rebild has the experience to create a very cost effective campaign to make a global audience aware of your brand and help drive sales. Some effective video content campaigns include a webcast of a fashion show with a complete promotion package to be sure you get the audience. Also an alternative campaign is to produce a video for the release of a new collection that serves as a look book as well as a branding piece / marketing tool for the general public.

Through our experience working on music projects over the Internet with top music acts such as the Black Eyed Peas and Mariah Carrey, Rebild can create content and marketing strategies that will drive online sales, gain awareness and make the campaign cost effective. Some of the content we develop are low cost music videos, live concert webcasts and exclusive interviews. We create campaigns that can reach a mass global audience through inexpensive web based solutions. One campaign we have found effective for driving direct sales is creating a live webcast of a concert in an encrypted high definition stream so it can not be recorded by the viewer, and then offer the concert video and audio for direct sale and download from the launch site. We create special B-Roll clips such as interview and backstage footage as well to include in the live webcast to give some depth to the story behind the artist.

For sports that are difficult for television to cover such as surf contests or other duration events, we can produce a live high definition webcast. Through our experiences working with Nike on track and field events, and on the Triple Crown of Surfing and the Triple Crown of Skateboarding, we can create a video production that will be immersive and engaging for the viewer. We also have first hand experience building the online audience for sports content and how to monetize that content over the web.

Rebild is currently developing luxury lifestyle video content for a television / web series and can create cost effective video content for most lifestyle brands. Creating lifestyle content centered around luxury experiences in food and alcohol are our forte.

To properly encode live video requires very large amounts of network bandwidth and processing power. Fashion, music, sports and lifestyle video productions require top image and frame quality to be properly viewed. The video quality has to be comparable to television on a computer monitor full screen, that's what the Internet audience expects today. Rebild Productions has the network experience, HD video production gear and encoding hardware to deliver a professional live webcast.

Rather than short viral clips of less than 10 minutes, our live video webcasts range from 2 to 12 hours. Music concerts, sporting events and fashion shows can not be captured in ten minutes. Events that appeal to true fans are engaged in the content rather than a passing interest in a less than 10 minute video blurb. We deliver what fans want but can't get on television.

Sometimes you are not in front of your computer or television, but you don't want to miss out. That's why when it's possible we deliver live video streaming for the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. The future of live and on demand video content is mobile.

Rebild Productions started out in San Francisco in 1994 as one of the early pioneers of streaming video and audio over the Internet. By 1998, large scale webcast productions for sports and entertainment events such as the Triple Crown of Surfing, Nike Prefontaine Classic and The Oscars' Night Of A Hundred Stars were streamed for broadband audiences by the current Rebild webcast team.
In 2006, Rebild Productions relocated to London and Paris to focus on developing European content for a global audience.
In 2010, Rebild Productions is focused on delivering premium content via high caliber live video productions in high definition.

Cofounder and strategist of Rebild Productions, Thomas Ermacora is a serial entrepreneur with a background in sustainable design, media and events. Seeing the growth of video and the potential for it to tell good stories everywhere affordably, especially in emerging markets, ermacora partnered with Chris Courtney in 2005 to set up an ad based business model and develop original content. Educated in documentary film making and familiar with the film industry, he has set out to make rebild productions a versatile newmedia company anticipating trends and generating opportunities through partnerships.



August 2010 - Microsoft starts global promotion of the Relook Beauty Series through the Windows Media Media Guide. The Windows Media Guide is one of the most frequented websites on the Internet.

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